Oil Spill’s Impact on Vehicle Purchases

The BP oil spill in the Gulf is one more factor contributing to people’s increasing frustration with the reliance on oil.  That frustration is now spreading into how customers purchase their products, including their cars.  People are lining up to be one of the first to own an all-electric vehicle despite there being a lack of infrastructure for charging the car away from home and despite the hassle that will thus entail for these lead users.  And yet, the electric vehicle is the ideal solution to resolve the frustration, for it answers the ideological dilemma.  As a result, people buy electric vehicles because of how these cars make them feel, which is that the electric vehicle makes the world a better place.  It reduces greenhouse gas emission and the resulting carbon footprint, and it makes people feel healthier because they are not breathing in the exhaust, and the car gives a sense of serenity because it doesn’t have a loud engine.  Also, certain new electric vehicles such as the forthcoming Nissan Leaf alleviate the worry that drivers will be stranded somewhere, because new battery technologies provide greater mileage per charge. For those people who are looking for a cleaner, healthier, quieter world, electric vehicles not only do the right things in performance, but they make people feel the right way, and that is why people are lining up to purchase them.


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