Can you Love Vacuuming?

Emotional attachments to products can help customers turn mundane tasks into exciting experiences. For example, many people have become emotionally attached to their Roombas, those motorized, robotic vacuum cleaners that vacuum the rooms for you. Some customers have even given names to their Roombas, feeling attachment to the machine much like a pet. Even though Roombas don’t always work well and may even require customers to rearrange their furniture to better accommodate it, people are still very attached to the product. The Roomba makes people feel excited about vacuuming not only because it takes the chore out of their hands and into the hands of technology, but because it is fun. This emotional attachment to the Roomba allows users to forgive some of the technological imperfections in the product. Put differently, customers find so much joy in the Roobmas that they willingly trade off emotion for function.  And as a result, Roomba owners become spokespeople for the product, providing iRobot (the manufacturer) the ultimate word-of-mouth marketing.

For more information on the Roomba and product emotions check out:


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