Connecting with your Inner Child

In the realm of breakfast foods, Pop-Tarts is unlike any other.  A true breakfast treat, sugary enough to give pause to health-minded moms, they entice with more than simply their flavor, providing an experience that transcends simply the combination of ingredients.  Now, Kelloggs is building on that experience, growing it in a new way to connect even more closely with their customer base. Kelloggs has opened a Times Square Pop-Tarts flagship store called Pop-Tarts World where customers can do things with Pop-Tarts they can’t do anywhere else. Customers can eat Pop-Tarts sushi, create their own variety pack or watch a Pop-Tarts inspired light show. Rather than pushing sales, Pop-Tarts World provides a new experience with the food, encouraging customers to connect with their inner child by exploring more creative uses for an inherently playful product. With flavors like Apple Strudel, Chocolate Blitz and Ice Cream Sandwich, Kelloggs’ hope is to emotionally engage customers with an enjoyable and authentic Pop-Tarts experience that they will then associate more broadly with the Pop-Tarts brand as they return to their daily routine.


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