Take XBox Kinect on an emotion-driven ride

We got the new XBox 360 Kinect this week.  Wow.  What fun!  What a great experience.  The unit itself is classy, projecting a feeling of substance and elegance.  It self-calibrates, engendering a feeling of relief that it is so easy to use, and even better it immediately gets you to the fun.  But when you see how the avatar on the screen imitates your every move you start to feel very much like you are in the game’s world.  I played the water raft ride.  Every time I move and jump, the avatar and raft react so you feel like you are on an amusement park ride.   XBox delivers surprises and delights that bring you ever closer to that amusement park experience.  During the ride it takes your picture, and then you see your joy captured in the photo after the ride (though you don’t have to pay $14.95 to buy it like you do at the amusement park).  The interface makes you feel empowered and projects you to the future, hinting at technology only envisioned in Minority Report.  The great thing for kids and adults alike is that the game is active, moving you around to maneuver the raft (or for other games block the balls or avoid the obstacles).  But, lo, I will probably need to find another way to get my exercise because the kids won’t let me near it…  Microsoft has delivered a product built to love with easy to use but unobtrusive cutting-edge hardware and software technology.



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