Fast Lines, Fast Beers, Fast Checkout

Ever get really frustrated, even angry, while waiting in line for a beer at the football game? A company named GrinOn has tackled that problem. GrinOn recently invented the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System, which fills a beer glass from the bottom up to minimize the time it takes to fill the cup (a metal disk magnetically seals the bottom of the cup). While this product sprung out of the inventor’s impatience in line at sports events, part of its success comes from the emotions it makes the customer feel while they are waiting for their drink. The system has turned the mundane and frustrating task of waiting for your drink into something more by adding an element of excitement and joy to the process, the same emotions that people look for when attending a sports event or concert. Even the company’s name suggests that they aren’t just bringing people their drinks faster, but bringing a smile to their faces. As the inventor says, “it captivates you” to watch the machine at work. The videos of the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System filling up cups have even gone viral with over 4 million YouTube views. By delivering the same product in a new way, GrinOn creates that captivating exciting experience. And it also relieves that stress and anger of long lines at the bar at the game.


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