Choosing a College: Choosing Carnegie Mellon University

It may seem that big life choices should be based solely on a rational decision making process, but emotions can be just as much a part of the decision. From where to live to where to go to school, people are constantly influenced not only by what they think, but how they feel. There are many factors that high school students have to consider when they are deciding which college to go to. While they are looking for a college that fits their needs academically, they are also looking for a certain emotional experience. What environment resonates with the desires that the students feel when they visit a college, go to a college and become alumni to a college?

Carnegie Mellon University, where we teach, is known for its collaborative interdisciplinary teaching and research experience. Its academic environment also provides a feeling of community that students seek out, where students at Carnegie Mellon feel an integral part of their own department but connected across the diverse campus community. Life at Carnegie Mellon feels exciting, cutting edge, and full of hope because students live, study, and collaborate on the intersection of disciplines, where computers and theatre mix, where business and engineering mix, and where robots and biology mix. For the students who choose to come to Carnegie Mellon, how it feels to be on the university’s campus matters tremendously, where students feel that almost anything is possible.


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