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Holiday Shopping

December 8, 2010

As the shopping holiday season approaches, many have been focusing on product prices, with buzz about high profile retailer promotions that are taking place earlier than ever, long before Black Friday.  And then there are some products that customers seek to buy, pre-ordering if necessary, and without regards to a discount or “good deal”.

Many retailers, analysts, and others are forecasting this year’s must-have products, products such as iPhone4, iPad, Droid Smartphones, and Kinect that will sell briskly at retailers.  When there are many outstanding technology marvels available in the marketplace, why is it that only certain products engage shoppers so well?

The products that truly captivate the marketplace are those that go beyond pure technological capabilities, providing feelings that light up customers.  The iPhone, iPad, Droid phones, and Kinect are so successful not just because they have advanced technology that enables leading-edge and useful functionality, but also because they empower users and make them feel great, adding fun to their routine and excitement as they explore new experiences.

Boatwright and Cagan appeared on WTAE-TV to talk comment on why emotion is an OK way to buy products…as long as it comes from the product:


Changing the way we eat

September 20, 2010

The TED Conference is a fascinating yearly meeting of some of the world’s visible thinkers and doers. Every year, a TED Prize is awarded to one speaker, to help him or her carry out a project. This year, the prize was awarded to Jamie Oliver, a celebrity chef who is trying to change the way America eats. Oliver’s TED speech discusses how we need to fundamentally change how Americans, especially children, are being taught about food and nutrition.


Oil Spill’s Impact on Vehicle Purchases

September 6, 2010

The BP oil spill in the Gulf is one more factor contributing to people’s increasing frustration with the reliance on oil.  That frustration is now spreading into how customers purchase their products, including their cars.  People are lining up to be one of the first to own an all-electric vehicle despite there being a lack of infrastructure for charging the car away from home and despite the hassle that will thus entail for these lead users.  And yet, the electric vehicle is the ideal solution to resolve the frustration, for it (more…)